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Welcome to our donation store! Conquest Survival is a Minecraft Survival server dedicated to inspiring the community through a unique combination of plugins and features. Feel great about donating to Conquest Survival. All donations benefit the community and you'll receive added perks and benefits. Conquest Survival rely on generous people like you to donate the time and money that make our work possible. Without your support, Conquest Survival would cease to exist. Thank you for being here for the purpose of supporting our growing community! 

Terms of Service!

∎ You understand there are no refunds and you can't issue a refund. 
∎ You will not charge back, dispute, and or reverse any payments. 
∎ Being a donator does not grant special treatment. If you break a rule, you can be punished. 
∎ You understand that the perks, price, and the names of ranks may change anytime. 
∎ You agree to everything listed above. If you do not agree with the terms above, please do not donate. 

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